And Exhale…

My scans came back basically stable. I have one new lesion in my left femur, but all of the other lesions on my spine have stayed stable. That’s excellent news! It’s what you want to hear from scans. It meant I was able to leave on our vacation without having to change meds and in much better shape physically then I could have been from new side effects. Living with mbc is a crazy ride. The cycle of “scan, treat, repeat” can feel overwhelming. You start living your life in 30 day increments, or whatever period of time there is between scans and doctor appointments.    Each time you have a good scan you’re elated, but that’s balanced by the idea that you’ve used up another one of your wishes and the next scan might not be so great. That’s where the constant intentional act of learning how to maintain balance comes in to play. So, here I am, off on an adventure, enjoying each day and taking in as much as I can of the amazing scenery and daily adventures. It’s a little bittersweet though. Each time I leave a place I wonder if I’ll ever be back and if I am, what kind of physical shape will I be in?

Lake Louise, Sept. 2014
Lake Louise, Sept. 2014

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